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Make a fantastic photo album for your child

In just a few minutes per month you can create a great photo album. You will receive 10 photos every month and we will remind you if you have forgotten!

Why klikkie?

As a parent it is sometimes difficult to find time for yourself, let alone to create an album of your child's best moments. You really want to do it, but you just don't get around to it. Klikkie solves that problem for you!

It's easy!

Every month you select your 10 best moments in the klikkie app. We will send it to you quickly in a nice envelope.

It's flexible.

Do you really have no time this month? Then of course you can always catch up.

A handmade album.

Every month, paste the best photos in the black luxury album, write fun anecdotes with the white pen and enjoy.

The benefits

We remind you to upload your photos each month.

Avoid duplicate photos with our handy storage service.

It takes just a few minutes per month.

It's nice to have this taken care of!

This gift box is the ideal Christmas present for anyone who loves photos

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