Je hebt 1 maand klikkie met 10 foto's (t.w.v. 8,95) gekregen. De start van jouw prachtige fotomuur of fotoboek. Verzilver de code, kies je cadeau en enjoy!

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Why klikkie?

Every month we remind you to select your best photos. Upload your photos within just a few minutes with our app!

We print them in the highest quality and ship them within 24 hours in a beautiful, sturdy envelope. 

No photos to print for a month? No problem. You can always catch up on missed months or take a klikkie-break.

The App for you

Easily upload your best photos using the klikkie app and have your photos printed in just a few minutes per month! Besides, the klikkie app offers the following features:
Request photos at high quality from friends
Invite others to klikkie and earn free photo sets
Create online photobooks with klikkie stories

What do I get?

The highest quality photo prints, printed with the newest and most sustainable technology.

Three fun photo packs with a variety of formats.

Never forget to print your photos with our monthly reminders.

Shipping is always included.

Flexible pausing and cancellation, whenever you like.

Easily look back on your photos of previous months.


Photo inspiration

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What our members say


A member of Klikkie for a while, I am very enthusiastic! I have not found the quality they deliver anywhere else. The photos are printed exactly as on the screen, no matte or gloss, but an ideal combination in between. Printing photos in different sizes is also fun! I am a big fan!

Happy every month!

How nice to order photos with Klikkie. The photos always look good and sharp. And I love the different formats! I'm looking forward to the familiar black envelope landing on my doorstep again.

Your best moments saved
Julie & Daan

Very nice app that allows you to print your best moments in different formats, which are delivered at home in a nice envelope. And of course even nicer to give as a present.

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